"Un cafe, si’l vous plait"

Lara saw the increased animation. Yes, Jeanine would be capable. After all she’d found herself an assassin hadn’t she!

“I am away two, perhaps three weeks. It is very busy and I will be surrounded by people all the time. It is a good alibi, yes?”
“It is. Any special instructions?”
“Oui. Make him suffair!”

Her excellent English slipped a bit.
“My pleasure,” announced Agent Black Fox.

Agent Black Fox is heading for the South of France with murder on her mind.
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Half Moon Bay.

The new Grand Cayman Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre.

Meeting of Caribbean and Latin American Foreign Ministers.

Sixth Floor.

She walked up the small staircase and stepped out on to the roof. The only good location for a sniper was to the North East of the hotel wing where she now stood. There were four large storm drains on that side. By one of the two central ones was a folded up blanket and a large attaché case. Black Fox walked over and used the agreed combination to open it. First she removed the spotting scope and extended the three legs. Then she assembled the rifle and bipod, added the suppressor and laser sight, and inserted the five round magazine. The weapon was a German DSR 1, a bull pup design with extreme accuracy and not used by British Intelligence. At least not officially!

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The Senator's Daughter

Agent Black Fox froze. Any movement, forward or back, could make her opponent charge and send both of them crashing down the steep shale covered slope to the sea seven hundred feet below. Long moments passed as she kept her body relaxed yet ready for sudden reaction. Then the large goat turned on the narrow space and with a single look over its shoulder trotted ahead out of sight.

For her part Black Fox retraced her way a few yards and then set off again towards the summit. The narrow track had been a help but it wasn't worth another such confrontation.

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The Container

The inside of her refuge looked as if it had been fitted out from the contents of an old caravan. Some thoughtful soul had added a mat and an exercise machine. There was also a large water tank. Agent Black Fox been sparing in her use of water. Now it was high time to get the grime off!

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The Yacht

He'd come out to Casablanca thirty years before and never left. At the time he was pretty sure the French had been keeping an eye on him, but whether nor not they had they hadn't passed anything on to the local police. Over the years he'd supplied a fair amount of low level Intel and once or twice a bit more. He still had contacts who kept an eye on the airport, harbour and the main hotels, but his main activity was running a small swimming and divers equipment shop just off the Boulevard de la Corniche.

He had two younger assistants who could handle anything that could come up but this time he'd handled the transaction himself. See what the new generation was like. She'd been a pretty filly and looked capable. He’d probably find out what she'd been up to in the next few days.

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The Office

I t was better than crawling through undergrowth hunting trained Wraith killers, but to Agent Black Fox the sixteen story office block looked too much like a place that would be difficult and dangerous to escape from once her mission was completed.

Still it was the fourth day she'd worked there. She was wearing the same grey skirt suit as on the previous occasions with a pale yellow shirt beneath. Her shoes were almost flat heeled and well scuffed from use. At least she could run fast if necessary! She wore an expensive wig that gave the image of a brunette who'd dyed her hair blonde at home and not very well. In fact she looked exactly like a temp.

Temporary workers were everywhere in London. They were cheaper than a regular employee. Some temped because they liked moving around. Others did it for lack of anything better. Black Fox was temping to get into the building.

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Ghost Town

The world financial collapse hit Spain badly, especially the housing market. Thousands of apartments were left unfinished and thousands more unsold. But as always there were people who managed to take advantage. Vadim Kask was Estonian. After several years in the UK he had been obliged to find new pastures. He found a town in Spain. An empty unsold town. There were shops and churches nearby but the community itself was nearly five hundred apartments, already furnished. Vadim got the lot for a knockdown price. Given the capital tied up in them he didn’t even have to bargain.

What to do with five hundred well appointed apartments? Britain's criminals had a decades long history of taking long holidays on the Costa del Sol. What could be better than their own community? Local unemployment made service jobs desirable so staff was no problem and careful donations kept the police and public officials from asking questions. And the weather was good too.

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The Eveglades Trap

The hum of the swamp boat had faded only minutes before but already Agent Black Fox knew she was in trouble. In the open patches the sun beat down mercilessly, and the humidity was so high that sweat was pouring off her and her body temperature rising. All this without considering the terrain and the various hostile life forms. At least the insect repellent was working although again the buzzing was almost constant.

It seemed a strange place for an international arms dealer to hole up. On the other hand it made getting at him almost impossible, and the jury was still out on the ‘almost’! She made a few more feet before the ground began to turn to viscous mud and she had to adjust her path. She would need her compass and GPS if she was to find her way out of the swamplands. Her shorts and the khaki t-shirt were already sodden except for two small patches on her shirt where her bra kept her sweat away. And they were shrinking. The camouflage cap might help avoid sunstroke but her hair was also dripping wet.


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"Mob Hit"

It wouldn’t be long now. The insides of her legs quivered from the powerful machine pressing between them. Black Fox felt her body tensing.


The big black limo came round the corner and passed her hidden position. Black Fox flipped down her visor and felt the surge as she pulled out after the car. Up ahead the electronic gates were opening. They would start closing again five seconds after the limo passed them. There was a small hump just in front of the gates and the driver should be concentrating on that rather than his mirrors.

Black Fox accelerated behind the limo. She easily matched its pace and then slowed as it crested the bump and entered the Italian style villa built in the arid plain outside Las Vegas. She braked as she reached the top of the hump. She didn’t want to go flying.

Black Fox entered the target zone with three seconds to spare and smoothly braked. The limo still hadn’t seen her as it pulled into the open space in front of the main doors of the Villa. Black Fox stopped behind a crafted fountain. As she stepped off the bike she withdrew the two grenades from her pocket and tossed them to roll beneath the vehicle. It was armoured she knew but the gas tank would still be vulnerable. If it didn’t work there were other measures she could take. However the occupants weren’t her primary target. Having got rid of the grenades she turned and picked up the silenced MAC10 from the holding clip that had been braised on to the bike’s petrol tank.

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She could really have done without the distraction. She had to be outside to be picked up in less than a quarter of an hour and she was nowhere near ready. Still she opened the door.

A woman was standing there. Quite short and wearing a neat set of royal blue coveralls. She was holding a large box and had a clipboard on top.

“Special delivery for Helen Zucker,” the woman announced.

“Oh my,” said Helen. “I’m not expecting a delivery.” The woman shrugged. “If you’ll take the clipboard and sign for it I’ll bring it in for you.”

“That would be a help. Thanks.” Helen took the clipboard.

“Fourth one down. Print your name in the first column. Then sign and put the time in the fourth. Where do you want the parcel?”

“Straight through to the living room please,” said Helen as she filled in the paperwork. When she’d finished she followed the woman through. “I wonder what it is?”

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“Who the hell are you? Where’s Jenkins?

“Fox, sir. And I’ve no idea.”

Jeremy Spears stopped and stared at her. Agent Black Fox stared back and saw a businessman in his late thirties or early forties, fitter than most. (She had noted army service in his file) His neatly trimmed dark brown hair had a slight misting of silver over the ears. So he was not excessively vain.


“You asked two questions. I gave you two answers. Sir.”

He noticed the delay in the last word and his mouth twitched. He looked over her neat grey uniform topped with a peaked cap and with well shone black shoes appearing beneath the trousers. He gave a harrumph noise.

“So you’re my driver today. Are you competent, Fox?”

“Yes, sir.” No hesitation.

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Agent Black Fox looked out of the window of the taxiing feeder jet as it approached the smaller terminal at Helsinki airport. All that was could be seen was a vista of conifers stretching away as far as the eye could see. It was hardly what she’d expected at a country’s capital city.

A few minutes later she joined the forty or so passengers in picking up their baggage. She didn’t see a single official as she passed customs control. Taking the shuttle bus run by Finnair she travelled anonymously to the centre of Helsinki and took a fast train to Tampere, paying cash for the ticket.

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"Royal Enclosure"

Ten thousand pounds couldn’t get you into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot on Ladies Day. Only those with the precious invitations were permitted. Like the one she held out to the morning suited attendant.

He waved her through. “Enjoy the races, Ms Fox.”

“Oh I shall,” smiled Agent Black Fox as she joined the would-be elite. She had already recognised half a dozen celebrities (and not from her secure files!). TV and Film stars, politicians, business moguls, and everywhere women in expensive outfits, many with enormous hats.

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"The Debt"

Agent Black Fox pushed open the door and walked into the bar. She ignored the stools and made her way to the booths at the back. She settled into one that was empty and looked at her watch. Five to three. The bar was quiet. After a couple of minutes a waitress wandered back.

“These are for parties,” she announced.

“Someone’s joining me,” replied Black Fox coldly. “Now get me a soda and put this to the cost of the tab. She held out a twenty and the waitress sniffed as she took it. Now there was someone who wasn’t motivated, she thought.

She’d scanned the bar on her way through and no threats had registered. So now she waited. John had always been on time.

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"Short on Time"
This could end up one of my harder jobs, though Agent Black Fox as she prepared for her entry by tossing several pieces of meat over the outer fence of the laboratory. They landed in the sand that would register the footprints of anyone crossing.

After about ten minutes I heard the quiet sounds of the approaching dogs. They increased speed as they smelt the tempting aroma of the meat and in moments were wolfing it down. There were four of them, Dobermans, and they were trained to kill...........
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"Set Up??"

He walked into the hotel bar as if he owned it. That was fair enough since the mob that employed him did own it. He walked over to the counter and sat on a stool. By the time he was settled his favourite Jack Daniels was sitting there waiting for his attention.

After a couple of minutes he watched as a woman stood and approached the bar. No obvious weapons besides those which nature had given her. She was a nice looking package. She was wearing one of those Chinese dresses with a high neck closed by a row of tiny rosebuds running at an angle down towards her right side.

The dress was short with slits on either side. The dragons designs were gold and red but the dress and the fuck me stilettos were shiny black. She slid on to the stool beside him. The slit meant that he could see almost all of a shapely leg. She looked at him. “Hi! I’m Lara. Buy me a drink?”

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"Double the Action!!!!"

The communicator was on, if only to let Control hear her final scream as she plummeted a thousand feet to her death. Avoiding that fate was taking up all f Agent Black Fox's attention except for the part carefully emplacing shaped charges beneath the cliff overhang. Beneath her was the Wraith complex she had come to destroy.

Under the circumstances the click in her ear was very unwelcome.

"What?" she snapped quietly.

"Olivia Omega here, Black Fox. I need you to expedite. Over."

"Understood. I wasn't hanging about wasting time with a million tons of unstable rock above my head. Well it will be unstable after I've set the last three charges. Over."

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"Room Service"

"As far as we can tell Newman is tied to a chair near the window at B1. There is a male tango standing by him. If he doesn't move we will take him out two minutes after initiation. There are two male tangos who look to be watching television and sitting on the couch at C4. The woman tango is perched on the arm of the couch alongside one of the tangos. Call it C5. Okay good luck Black Fox. Initiating ... now.”

"Understood,” said Agent Black Fox. She didn't understand how the box fixed to the room's outside wall could give detailed infra-red images through the brickwork but she would take whatever advantage she could. The A to D and 1 to 5 description of the room matched to a plan she'd studied as she got ready. She slipped the ear bug free and placed it behind a flower arrangement on a low alcove table. She smoothed down her skirt and started pushing the food trolley towards the target hotel room. Room 317. She was wearing a knee length black skirt which matched her low heeled shoes, and a cotton shirt in white. Her hotel name badge was clipped to the pocket over her left breast and she was wearing a waist apron with two newspapers folded into its front pocket. The papers neatly camouflaged the shape of the silenced Beretta PX4 storm. It held fourteen .40 calibre bullets in its magazine which should be more than enough, especially if Control's sniper took down one of the four tangos for her.. .......

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"Nerve Gas"

Agent Black Fox had no idea why VX10 nerve gas was more recent than VX30. She did however know that it required five ingredients to make. Two were commonplace, one nearly so and the others were difficult to obtain and controlled. So the theft of fifty tons of one of these would hardly go unnoticed. In fact some clever detective work had located it within 48 hours of its being stolen!

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"Eight Decks"

'You wanted to see me?' asked Agent Black Fox as she entered Omega's office. Olivia Omega was standing at a table to one side of the room looking down at the items laid out on it.

'Yes, Black Fox. What do you make of this?'

Lara moved to the table. There was a map labelled Tilbury with an attached aerial photo showing a small to medium sized container ship obviously loading containers. Either from a helicopter or drone as it showed a lot of detail. There was a sheet naming the ship as the 'Three Blossoms' and showing the load out of containers. The sailing date was that night and the ship’s destination was Cape Town.

'No!' said Black Fox emphatically.'No! No! No! I am not going in another container and most certainly not to South Africa.'

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"High Noon"

They christened him the 'Professor' as his detailed plans caused the death of thousands. Thousands more had feared him with good cause. Now he just owned the one town which was his refuge, but he still had power. Four lawyers from the international court who came to arrest him for war crimes were beaten badly and sent packing. The second party brought two bodyguards as well as the two men and two women lawyers. Their bodies were found five weeks later twenty miles away. The two women hadn't just been killed.

The Professor hadn't made many mistakes in his life, but he'd just made a big one. The father of one of the women was rich and wanted vengeance. He called One Shot Solutions and they called Agent Black Fox.


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Lord of the manor: Part 1

Who was Jamilla Ambil? He said he was a Turkish business man but was he more. So Olivia Omega sent her off to meet the man Black Fox had christened ‘The Lord of the Manor’.

There was a rent-a-cop on the gate who waved her away. Instead of turning in Black Fox drove on past seven parked cars and then joined them on the grassy verge. She checked herself in the mirror before opening the door and getting out. The Mini she was driving was five years old and looked a bit battered compared to four of the seven. The other three fitted in with the Mini nicely, although all seven would have turned green with envy had they realized what had been done with the engine and suspension! And there were a few other changes as well.


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Lord of the manor Part 2

Agent Black Fox came to with a splitting headache. Her vision was blurry so she had a mild concussion. Her hands were held behind her with some kind of plastic tie. There didn't seem to be a metal strand running through it. That might be a useful omission on her captor's part since they had left her dainty watch. It had that little extra something that women like her liked to have in a tight spot.

She blinked a few times and the blurring faded a bit. Her headache was still severe and she tried not to move her head quickly as she looked around. She was in the bedroom she had started to look at before she had been knocked unconscious. The sun had moved the patches of light on the carpet around. She estimated she must have been unconscious for around thirty minutes.

It would be suspicious if she didn't react. She winced as she called out, the throbbing getting worse.

“Hey what’s going on?”


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Biker Girl

It wouldn't be long now. The insides of her legs quivered from the powerful machine pressing between them. Black Fox felt her body tensing.


The big black limo came round the corner and passed her hidden position. Black Fox flipped down her visor and felt the surge as she pulled out after the car. Up ahead the electronic gates were opening. They would start closing again five seconds after the limo passed them. There was a small hump just in front of the gates and the driver should be concentrating on that rather than his mirrors.

Black Fox accelerated behind the limo. She easily matched its pace and then slowed as it crested the bump and entered the Italian style villa built in the arid plain outside Las Vegas. She braked as she reached the top of the hump. She didn't want to go flying.


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The One That Got Away

Black Fox is sent to kill an assassin but it turns out this is a trap set to kill her and though she escapes she is pursued. The assassin will then try to get his revenge in the follow up to this movie called ‘Into the Web’.

Scene 1

We see Black Fox creeping towards a house, dressed in her usual combat/infiltration gear. As she approaches the house she discusses the target with Olivia, remarking that she hasn’t seen any guards yet, despite being warned this would be a dangerous target.


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