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Weapons training, private hit files, full blackfox assassination films, photo shoots, psych evaluation of a hit women, weapons fetish photo shoots and more
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Agent Black Fox's last mission did not go well. She was drunk on duty and she managed to get the wrong person killed! Olivia Omega is furious with her and is sending her on a mission where she MUST follow orders!Can she do it..? or will she just go on another killing spree?
High Quality hd-Film 9.36 mins M-Peg4 hd format 1920x1080 mins

Film contains - full female assassin story, explosives and infiltration scenario FX.



Testimonials from My Fans

Have just had a good look at the site and joined immediately!! Never have I seen a sexier woman, or a better actress than Brandy. She embodies the female assassin role as if she was born to be a real female assassin. The quality of production and site are exemplary! She has a bright future in this business.

John Botham Freeman,
Head Editor of The British Film Exchange. retired

Just downloaded the hd version and it's very clear and crisp. Loved the vid too, only small criticism I would make is I wish Brandy had some sexy flat knee high boots on! Instead of the heels :) That's just me though, I prefer the more realisitic outfits. It was a nice start to the storyline with Fox and Penny as well.

Oh yes, this was an amazing film! Funny, action-packed and with a nice dose of great acting. Poor Penny, she's trying so hard! I was half-hoping that she would prove herself useful in this one, but I understand that would've been too soon - the advantage of a long series of films is that character development can be slow and gradual, as opposed to the sudden changes often seen in single movies. It's good to see you're not rushing things. Anyways, this was quite possibly your best film ever, a 10 out of 10 for sure - I couldn't spot a single thing to complain about (the heels didn't bother me). If you somehow manage to improve on this, I'll need to change my rating-scale...

Truely a remarkable piece of art..Brandy you just Keep outdoing yourself! I love the new character "Penny" Cute and bumbling lol

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Where fantasy and erotic creative art collaborates to form a visual unique experience in the production of photogrpahs and film. Brandy produces individual fresh approaches to many of our long term fetish Themes with outstanding clarity and understanding of beauty and appearance. From quiet and humble beginnings Brandy has ' smashed' onto the world internet erotic market by producing one of the highest standards in costumed fetish design. Showing innovative ideas and her personal understanding of subtle seductive visual pleasures , she long with her team produce some of the most mind blowing visual experiences. Included in the website is their own member forum , where freinds can immerge themselves into a communication with their host and engage the artists in the creative process. BlackFox Films Brandy's internet success has led to the creation of the most successful ' film charatcer' in such a short time. Agent Black Fox is a female Assassin for hire. Weekly uploads of films and photographs produced entirely by the creative team keep the imagination high of any Femme Fatale Fanatic. Filmed in HD Film and produced with very high quality FX, this film series will keep you on your toes. All available under one roof... one internet website... and all at one price..!

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